Case Study: Ensuring American Workers Do Not Become Climate Change Collateral Damage at Marathon Petroleum

The proposal: Shareholders requested that Marathon prepare a report examining how Marathon is addressing the impact on workers and communities from shutting down fossil fuel production as part of its climate change strategy. Why it matters: Protecting the environment is a good thing, but increasingly, U.S. workers and U.S. security are collateral damage of the sustained campaign to shut down fossil fuel production. Myopic focus on climate change puts the livelihoods of American families in the fossil fuel industry and the communities that rely on energy production at risk. To address these concerns and ensure that company policy is aligned with the interests of the communities they serve, companies should have to consider the interests of workers alongside climate change goals. The outcome: Unfortunately, the proposal failed, with 15.97% of the vote. We hope that we will continue to

Case Study: Shining a Light on Business Dealings in China at Verizon

The proposal: Shareholders requested that Verizon prepare a report on the extent to which its corporate operations depend on China, including an explanation of the influence of the Chinese Communist Party on Verizon’s business. Why it matters: Under the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese state represents a serious threat to the United States and the U.S. economy. Given China’s history of intellectual property theft, the risks to operating in China are particularly acute for a technology company like Verizon. Furthermore, companies with supply chains that are exposed to China are vulnerable to coercive action by the Chinese Communist Party, which can create significant economic disruption for companies with Chinese operations and the U.S. economy generally. To properly assess the risks that China poses to corporate operations, companies should provide detailed disclosure on their Chinese operations. The outcome: Unfortunately, the proposal failed with 4.5%

How JSG Scoring Works

Our team at Amberwave Partners has done a deep dive into every company in the S&P 500 to evaluate its contribution to American jobs, security, and growth (JSG) based on Amberwave Partners proprietary scoring methodology. To help our investors better understand our proprietary methodology for assigning JSG scores, we’ve provided detailed examples for a few select stocks.  We look for companies which our measures indicate help fulfill the American Dream by creating job opportunities across the country; which invest in the security of supply chains, data, and the nation; and which raise long-term growth potential, helping create the underpinning for broad-based prosperity.  In our view, JSG companies that score highly should be making a better America for all.  To learn more about how we score companies, click here. To learn more about our criteria for choosing companies with high JSG impact, please click here. Tractor

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